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Gully Bop finds love again with A’mari


Dancehall artiste Gully Bop appears to be dating fellow female artiste A’mari (aka DJ Mona Lisa) as he has officially called it quits with his on-again, off-again relationship with his former fiancee, Chin Chin.

A’mari says that she is serious about Gully Bop, because of the feelings he excites in her.

“I am falling in love with Gully Bop. We kiss but we haven’t gone all the way yet. There’s something soft about him, he looks tough, but when he touches me, it’s real. He cries with me, he rubs my feet, he does my hair, he looks out for A’mari,” she said.

Gully Bop is happy exploring his feelings for A’mari with whom he has recorded the singles, Cheater Girl, and No Ordinary Girl.

“Like how God send Chin, ah so him send A’mari. Chin come inna the relationship fake, and she come outta it fake. Chin water tank dry up. From A’mari come inna mi life, mi feel the realness, mi know real people. Mi a street yute, mi can read mind and mi love the heart weh she have, she never born with no grudge. Right now, mi spirit tek her, but mi no know what can happen inna the future,” Gully Bop said.

A’mari believes that she has connected with Gully Bop, in a way that even Chin Chin could not do. She said Chin really broke his heart again with her statements during a recent ER interview on TVJ where she said she could never go back to him.

“All he needs is somebody to be loyal. I have nothing to gain by being with Gully Bop. It is just destiny. Chin broke his heart, the things she said during that major interview, it hurt him what she did. He cried when he watched it and that is why when he was doing ‘Cheater Girl’ in the studio with me, he was crying. It purges his soul when he sings songs,” she said.

A’mari feels that she is a much better match for Gully Bop than Chin Chin.

“Right now, Chin flop, I am better than her. She’s hard-headed, she has only one child and she can’t give him anymore children. I am much kinder than her, the other day in KFC, we gave away 15,000, he took one set of money, I had one set, and we just threw it up in the air in KFC, and people rushed to pick up the money. It felt good, it is so liberating to give to others, and Gully has a good heart,” she said.

A’mari said she met three of his seven brothers and met all his friends.

She actually ended the relationship with her ex-boyfriend Colin to be with Gully Bop. She said he wanted her to end her association with both Gully Bop and LA Lewis and forget about the music business, but she refused.

“My ex-boyfriend introduced me to Gully Bop, that is the best thing he ever did for me. I will not stop seeing Gully Bop, I see him ¬†as a beautiful soul, he sees me as a good person, that’s what I see in Gully Bop. He touches me with tenderness, his touch is like words,” she said.

“I am much better for him than Chin, I will never cheat on Gully Bop, I am not that. I can be with him for next 50 years, a relationship is more than sex, it is spiritual. I am going to be the wind beneath his wings. With me by his side, he is going to bigger in the industry.”