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Ninja Man Claims Bad Gas Led to $2 Million in Repair Costs For His Mercedes


Two weeks ago the government ordered 17 gas stations across seven parishes to be closed for having contaminated gas.

The order was given following a surge of complaints in recent times from irate motorists who claim their vehicles have been destroyed by sub-standard fuel.

Now the popular dancehall entertainer Desmond Ballentine, more commonly known as Ninja Man is claiming that his motor vehicle has been damaged by fuel purchased from several gas stations.

According to the Gleaner, the entertainer, who drives a 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, says he has suffered great inconvenience and was only spared the cost of the repair work on his car because of the warranty on the vehicle.

“Is five different time I have to change five different set of injectors … and if you go around to the Benz company right now, you see a lot of vehicle around there park up with the same problem,” Ballentine stated.

Ballentine also claimed the cost for repairs to his vehicle totalled $2 million.

He said it was through a process of elimination that he found a retailer who was not affected by the contaminated petrol. Before that, he said, he bought gas from several retailers and had to take his vehicle in for repairs after each purchase because of mechanical problems.