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Retired Jamaican farmer asks for assistance


A heart condition along with respiratory issues forced 73-year-old Trelawny resident, Alva Hamshire, to step back from farming seven years ago.

Retired Jamaican farmer asks for assistance 1

The elderly man said that he depended on agriculture for his survival. He said his forced ‘retirement’ has left him in dire straits. He has fallen on hard times and is seeking the public’s assistance with grocery, clothing and medical expenses.

“Mi feel bad about how mi a live now because mi is a man who always do mi farming and take care a miself. Right now, where mi live, when rain fall mi wet up and the board in the floor a bruk out. Mi can’t walk too far and nuh have short a breath. Nuff time mi sit down and just faint weh because mi heart a fail mi,” Hamshire said.


“Mi just a beg some help because mi don’t have food a lot of times,” said Hamshire, who often relies on Stephanie Campbell, a good Samartian in his Litchmore community, for his food.

“If I don’t give him, he does not eat. There are times when he has to go without his medication because he cannot afford it. I have signed him up with the poor relief fund and he gets $2,000 monthly, but that cannot do much. I am really worried about him and I wish I could do more, so I am asking if anyone could help him out to do so, please,” Campbell said.

Hamshire said that he did not father any children. He also does not know where his blood relatives are. He is hoping that they would read about his plight and join forces with other persons to help him.

“Mi need somewhere to live. Mi have piece a land that mi grandfather dead and leave, but mi can’t walk so far to it. It deh way in the bush. Mi never stay like this enuh, suh mi feel really bad,” he said.

– S.M.L.

Persons wishing to assist Hamshire may contact Stephanie Campbell at 876 226 8655.