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Shana-Kaye Ewen still missing after a month

It has been one month now and the relatives and friends of Shana-Kaye Ewen have all but given up hope that she is still alive.
The 27-year-old Ewen, a resident of Gilbraltar Lane in Grants Pen, St Andrew was last alive by her neighbours who she told she was going to conduct business on nearby Mannings Hill Road.
She was seen entering a black car with heavily-tinted windows minutes after.
For Paulette Williams, hope that she is alive has faded away.
“She was such a jovial person. It was just this morning that I was saying I don’t think she is still alive. She left to do some business and collect some money and the people who she was going to collect the money from don’t see her either,” Williams said.
For Donna Pink hope that Ewen is alive is fast fading.
“All I can is I hope she not dead. She is too much of a nice girl,” she said.
Last month resident of Grants Pen staged a demonstration and blocked sections of Shortwood Road after they claimed that they were not getting any information from the Police on the pace of their investigations.