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Single Women in Japan marry themselves


Are you single? Are you searching for the perfect someone? Look no further! The
answer can be found in your mirror. No! don’t break the glass! That’s 7 years of bad luck! I’m talking about your reflection! Yes! You! The answer is you!

In Japan, it has been a growing trend for single women to marry themselves. No, I’m not
talking about signing a marriage contract! I’m referring to all the bells and whistles of a proper marriage with some even going as far as hiring a wedding planner.

They face the same anxiety other brides-to-be face as it gets closer to the wedding day,
running around trying to choose the perfect dress, the right food, the right colours and even the right design for the wedding invitations.

Yes, you heard me, wedding invitations! They invite friends and families to the special
affair, some even expecting wedding gifts of monetary value to help compensate for the savings spent on a luxurious solo wedding.

They say vows to themselves, showcasing what many do in a therapy session in
private…. self-talk and self-affirmation. They go through the entire process by themselves and at the end of I do, well maybe they kiss themselves?

Don’t worry sologamy is not legal, so you can remarry an actual human being if things
don’t work out with yourself. See the wedding as more of an expensive, lavish commitment to loving you. Sure, there are easier and cheaper ways to love yourself such as a self-help book, s*x t*ys and fulfilling hobbies, but it’s not the same.

This puts you in debt, this gives you memories and this self-love involves an all-expenses-paid honeymoon where s*x t*ys and p**nhub feel different on rose petal-covered hotel sheets with a bottle of Rose. No, you will not feel pathetic as hotel staff give you looks wondering if your partner never showed, you will feel loved by yourself.

I just hope that after consummating the marriage, you have enough good memories to
last because you won’t be able to afford anything for the next 10 years. But for self-love…. Isn’t it worth it?

Here is a youtube video on the topic: