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Too many hot heads inna dancehall


Talk truth, was I the only person who thought Matterhorn was dead to how his chest was being puffed?

I thought he died and Alkaline was resuscitating him Friday night at his birth night bash. I don’t think any man should ever talk to another man the way Alka did to Matterhorn, not even a child should ever be spoken to in such a manner.

Jah know star, a wha him get himself into? Imagine as a married man, a next man telling you that you are a ‘front!’ And him not even try defend himself enuh, Jah kno.

I don’t know anybody else inna Jamaica who know more Jamaican bad words than him, but last weekend Matterhorn was a mere fly on Michael Jackson’s wall, he was ‘Speechless!’

I agree, those two ‘gentlemen’ surrounding Alkaline might’ve been the reason he never attempted to offer up any sort of apology for playing a nemesis’ song at a party. Mi just feel a way, trust me.

Those few seconds were a real indication of where our dancehall music is. The state of affairs showed me that too many people are spewing hate through microphones and calling themselves deejays.

We need structure and adherence inna dancehall, and real fast too.

Me just glad Matterhorn held his cool cause if fi him head hot and Alka head hot, that clash would’ve made some real interesting videos, laughing woulda spoil Friday a swear.