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You don’t need education to be successful, all you need is a plan – Steve Harvey


The legendary TV host and radio personality Steve Harvey has walked a long way to become what he is today and attributes his success to God. The one-time stand-up comedian and actor have also ventured into the authoring world in a move to inspire the masses.

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In one of his recent shows, Harvey took the opportunity to inspire people’s lives by sharing his story of grass to grace. He said God had made him successful despite the fact that he had no solid education. The eloquent speaker acknowledged he was not good in school but learning to identify his gifts, mapping his vision and trusting God had gotten him to the peak of success. The author counseled the audience to identify their gifts and write them on a vision board to guide their pursuit.

“A simple principle of success is that it has to be written down somewhere. Oprah was on TV for 30 years talking of these vision boards,” Harvey said.

The TV host added that if one does not write their vision down, it will be hard for one to succeed.

“If you want four cars, there’s nothing wrong with wanting four cars, if you want three houses, you can have three houses, there is nothing wrong with wanting three houses,” Harvey added.

He added that he learned a few scriptures that made sense to his ear, one being:

“You have not, because you ask not. Faith without works is dead. Write the vision and make a plan”.

“I did it without an education, I did it without nobodies money, all I did is I worked, wrote my visions down, read them morning and night,” Harvey said.

The TV host also said he continues to dream big and wants so much because he serves a God that does big stuff.

With shows like Motivate Plus, he aims to make people, especially in the black community, not be satisfied with less, but strive for more.